Parentage: Mexican
Not easily
Seed Size: Medium

Skin Texture:
Blossom Type: B

Fruit Shape:
Skin Color Unripe: Green
Skin Color Ripe: Green

Skin Thickness: Thin

Average Fruit Weight oz:
11 to 14
%Ratio Seed/Skin/Flesh: 26:7:67
Zutano photo
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Additional Information:

Originated in Fallbrook, California, by W.L. Ruitt. Introduced in 1941 from a selection made in 1926. Ripens in Oct. to Dec. in San Gabriel Valley, Ca.; and Jan. to Feb. in Ventura County, Ca. Tree; consistent producer; more hardy than Fuerte. Commercial variety. Fruit are oval/pear in shape with waxy bumps on the skin.