Avocadosource: A web site containing thoughts and ideas about avocado culture. Has articles posted on topics related to avocado culture.
California Avocado Commission: A wide variety of information about avocados
California Avocado Society: Information on all aspects of growing and marketing avocados.
DANR Communication Services: Source of publications, some of which cover avocados.
Food Safe Program: University of California food safe program
Home Avocado Information: From Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Texas A&M University
Postharvest Research: University of California postharvest research and information. Includes information on avocados.
Rincon Publishing: Directory of products and services for California Agriculture.
Subtropical Fruit News: back issues cover many topics related to avocados
Tropical Research and Education Center: University of Florida. Source of books and publications, some of which deal with avocados.
University of Florida: How to get University of Florida Publications (do search using key word of "avocado").
Ventura Cooperative Extension: Avocado, Minor Subtropicals, and Soils/Water - Ben Faber covers issues of soil management by way of fertilizer, irrigation, and erosion control. In tree crops he works primarily in avocado, cherimoya, litchi, and longan and in citrus.
Avocado Article: an general article on avocado varieties, history and uses. Includes recipes.
Agriculture Law: web site dedicated to providing farmers and ranchers with the most complete source of information on agriculture policy.

Avocado Varieties

California Rare Fruit Growers Organization: More than just avocados
Fruit and Nut page at the University of California, Davis
Is there a future for Greenskin Avocados? A nice article on greenskin avocados out of New Zealand
Persea Image Collection Photographs of avocado varieties in the Persea collection maintained by the National Plant Germplasm System, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service.
Plant Resource Informantics Laboratory: Trees of the Great Peten. The list of tree species in the family Lauraceae


CIMIS: Link to California Department of Water Resources
CIMIS: Another CIMIS link
CIMIS calculator: Link to the California Avocado Commission CIMIS calculator
Irrigation Water Salinity and Crop Protection: a free document in PDF format
USDA Salinity Lab: The section on frequently asked questions is quite good


Avocado Pests and Diseases: Link to the IPM page at UC Davis
Diseases of Avocados: University of Florida document
Persea Mite web page about persea mite and other pests, by Mark Hoddle

Subtropical Fruit News

Download Page: Archive issues of the Cooperative Extension "Subtropical Fruit News" with articles on avocados, citrus and other subtropical fruit crops.

Search Engines

AgriSurf: Search engine for agriculture related topics