Parentage: Mexican
Seed Size: Small

Skin Texture:
Blossom Type: A

Fruit Shape:
Skin Color Unripe: Black
Skin Color Ripe: Black

Skin Thickness: Thin

Average Fruit Weight oz: 6 to 13

%Ratio Seed/Skin/Flesh: N/A
Stewart photo
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Additional Information:

Originated in Mentone, San Bernardino County, Ca, on the Stewart Ranch. Introduced in 1956. Flesh clear, bright, light yellow shading to green toward skin, firm, but melting, excellent quality; ripens from early Oct. to mid-Dec. Tree: spreading, strong, vigorous; bears good crops. Although listed as an "A" type flower, it typically shows "B" flowering characteristics at South Coast Field Station in Irvine, Ca.