Sir Prize

Parentage: Mexican hybrid
Seed Size: Small

Skin Texture:
Blossom Type: B

Fruit Shape:
Skin Color Unripe: Green
Skin Color Ripe: Black

Skin Thickness: Thin

Average Fruit Weight oz: 10-20

%Ratio Seed/Skin/Flesh: 9:8:83
Sir Prize photo
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Additional Information:

Season of maturity averages 6-8 weeks earlier than Hass. Mexican-race type avocados are typically more cold resistant than 'Hass' so this tree is being tried in inland valleys and other regions unsuitable for Hass. Early results do not indicate it is any more cold tolerant than Hass. Fruit shape is pear with distinctive ridge along one side. Skin texture is not truly pebbled like 'Hass' but does have tiny islands of varying yellowish shades giving the illusion of 'Hass'-like pebbles. 'Sir Prize' is upright in tree form. Peak bloom period is earlier than 'Hass' by several weeks.