Parentage: Hybrid
Peels: Yes

Seed Size: Large

Skin Texture:
Blossom Type: A

Fruit Shape:
Narrowly obovate to spheriod
Skin Color Unripe: Green
Skin Color Ripe: Black

Skin Thickness: Thick

Average Fruit Weight oz: 7 to 12

%Ratio Seed/Skin/Flesh: 18:12:70
H670 photo
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Additional Information:

Came out of the Dr. Bergh breeding program. Very close to Hass in taste, fruit shape and flower type. Originally, Dr. Bergh was unable to determine if this variety was different from Hass, but recent advances in genetics have resulted in the determination that H670 is, in fact, distinct from Hass. Not available for general release.

For more information, see: The Journal of Heredity, July/August 1998. "Genealogical Relationships Among Cultivated Avocados as Revealed Through RFLP Analysis" by J. Davis, D. Henderson, M. Kobayashi, Matthew T. Clegg, and Michael T. Clegg.