Parentage: Hybrid Guatemalan
Peels: Not easily

Seed Size: Small

Skin Texture:
Blossom Type: A

Fruit Shape:
High spheriod to Obovate
Skin Color Unripe: Green
Skin Color Ripe:
Skin Thickness:
Average Fruit Weight oz: 12 to 15

%Ratio Seed/Skin/Flesh: 14:10:76
Ardith photo
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Additional Information:

Ready to pick in May at South Coast Field Station (Orange County, Ca.). A few still hanging on tree in December. A commercial Israeli variety that orginated at U.C. Riverside. Very good tasting, smooth and buttery with much flavor. Fruit is dark green with a well centered stem. Handsome fruit often looks shiny and immature when it is mature and ready to be picked.